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March 4th blog update
Velvet Henna at Glendi!!!
Velvet Henna at Glenunga International High School International Day.


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Gumeracha Medieval Fair

March 4th blog update

Hello! I must apologise for my scarcely updated blog - here is an update on the most recent happenings in the life of VELVET HENNA.
Thanks firstly to the lovely people who have emailed my website with lovely comments, or given me compliments when I have met them at functions! Your kind words always put a smile on my face. Thanks.xx
Thanks to everyone I have met recently while working for my wonderful friends from "Henna Harem". I have been with them for our annual Adelaide Fringe installment of "The Garden of Unearthly Delights", and while I have been on shifts, we have been totally innundated!
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